Session submission is open until Feb 29, 2024 Session submission has been extended one week. New end date is end of the day March 7th.

This year we are using Experience Cloud to submit and track all of our session submissions. Please see the video below to see how to register and submit your session(s). UPDATE (JUST ADDED): We will be doing a bi-monthly Tahoe Dreamin’ Podcast and each episode will feature a speaker. If you are chosen and want to, you can be part of this podcast.

This year we are also looking for people to help or lead Architect Workshops. Please follow the same registration and submit your information if you are interested in helping with Architect Workshops.

First step is to register. Go to . You can either fill out the form or use one of the many social authorizations.

After you register, go to the Session Submission within our Experience site.

If you have any questions or have an issue, please use our Slack workspace to get support.

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