Tahoe Dreamin' Salesforce Community Conference

Conference Information


Tahoe Dreamin’ will have 3 sessions rooms, thus 3 tracks. We will be adding 1 smaller room for workshop sessions that will be a first come registration to attend.  So plenty to choose from.

In today’s Salesforce world it is hard to align anyone or any role to one specific area.  A Salesforce Admin, for example, does do some Salesforce Architect work in ways they do not always know or understand.  Salesforce Admins, Developers, Architects, Consultants all do Designer work and can learn more on those core principles.  So even though we have “tracks” we do not want to limit anyone from attending or thinking they should just attend one specific area/track. Anyone can go to any session throughout the days.  Don’t limit your knowledge and learn something new.


This track will have a mix of admin type sessions and general Salesforce (product sessions, things like that) information.

Everyone will find a session or two within this track.

This track is for anyone doing Salesforce Architect job functions or looking to learn more about how to be an awesome Salesforce Architect.

This is beneficial for many Salesforce roles:  Architects (of course), Admins, Developers, Consultants….all of you do and can always learn more on how to do the best architecture  within Salesforce.

This is the newest track for Tahoe Dreamin’.  This track will have sessions for Salesforce partners, both SI and ISV.

Sessions around how to better market your company in the Salesforce world, learn from the Salesforce partner team, and more.


Check-in will begin at 11am on Thursday. Our first session/keynote will begin at 1pm. Lunch will not be included for Thursday, so get some lunch before 1pm.

  • Thursday will go until approx. 6pm and then we will have happy hour and events on Thursday evening.

Sessions will start up again at 9am on Friday. Friday will include a lunch and afternoon snack. We are adding a closing happy hour on Friday night, as well as bringing back on Friday night networking dinner.

Our Saturday Tahoe Dreamin’ Experience will include networking events such as: hiking, beach activities, boat rides and more

    • We have heard from attendees in the past that these Saturday activities are when the best networking and at times the best learning happens. You can talk in a friendly, outside of work environment about anything Salesforce . Many have figured out complex Salesforce needs during these activities simply by talking with other community experts.
    • More info on these activities to come
    • Family and friends are welcome to join in on the Saturday Tahoe Dreamin’ Experience

Hotel Information

If you register for Tahoe Dreamin’ 2022 you will receive a link to book a hotel room at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe. We have a block of rooms available for the conference.  You can stay anywhere, of course, but appreciate using our block of room if possible.

The Tahoe Dreamin’ conference is held within the Harrah’s South Lake Tahoe Conference Center.
15 US-50, Stateline, NV  89449

Tahoe Dreamin’ starts on Thursday August 4th at 12pm.  Thursday is currently planned to go to approx. 6pm that evening. Friday August 5th the conference continues starting at 9am and going until approx. 6pm to 7pm. We recommend, if possible, to come in Wednesday evening.  We have discounted rooms for Wednesday night at Harrah’s.