Silicon Valley-based Metazoa was founded in 2018 by the developers of one of the Salesforce AppExchange’s first Apps, Snapshot. Metazoa continues this legacy of innovation by building, marketing, supporting, and selling industry-leading software solutions and turnkey services that help busy Salesforce administrators find, fix and maintain troubled orgs. The company’s best-in-class software, Metazoa Snapshot and Metazoa Spotlight, combine to form the Salesforce ecosystem’s most comprehensive toolset for org management, maintenance, and optimization. 

Metazoa Snapshot was the first org management solution designed specifically for Salesforce and was one of the first Apps offered on the Salesforce AppExchange. Over the years, Metazoa Snapshot has grown into the industry’s most comprehensive toolset for org management, relational data migration, org documentation, technical debt removal, and profile and permission set management. Now with an AI-powered Snapshot as part of its suite of products, Metazoa is taking a giant leap forward in providing powerful tools that give salesforce admins superpowers.

Powered by AI

Snapshot has recently introduced a cutting-edge feature called “Ask Woolly,” an AI-powered virtual assistant. Salesforce admins can now effortlessly address a wide range of issues related to org management, relational data migration, org documentation, technical debt removal, profile and permission set management, and much more, simply by typing a few words.

While leveraging the powerful ChatGPT algorithm, Snapshot has been specifically designed with Salesforce orgs in mind. With Snapshot and the AI-powered assistance of Ask Woolly, Salesforce admins can confidently tackle their tasks while maintaining the utmost privacy and data integrity.

Metazoa also offers turn-key services for Salesforce orgs with complex needs. Backed by Metazoa Snapshot, Metazoa’s services is a project-based offering created for enterprise-scale organizations to help with all aspects of Salesforce org clones, splits, merges and technical debt removal. Those that require hands-on support can rely on Metazoa Services.