Proton Text

1-to-1 messaging, automated texts, and bulk SMS blasts. Easy and affordable.

SMS/MMS Text Lightning Component with Integration to Salesforce® Objects. Contacts and Leads chat with your team using their phone texting app. Proton Blaster handles bulk SMS to thousands, and our automation library makes SMS part of your flow.

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Proton Text for 1-to-1 SMS in Salesforce and Proton Blaster for bulk SMS Blasts

Customers want to text your team from their smartphones, and you need to capture those conversations. Now, your team can use their browser or Salesforce Mobile App to text with Contacts, Leads, and Users, linking that conversation to Standard and Custom Object records.


  • Proton Text is designed for the power and flexibility of Lightning Experience and Salesforce Mobile App.
  • Drop into a Home or Record page or Console Utility and the component will display the related conversations.
  • Seamless workflow with the Salesforce Mobile App.


  • Context-aware connection to Account, Contact, Lead, Asset, Campaign, Case, Contract, Opportunity, Order, Product, and your Custom Objects.


  • The 1-to-1 messenger component is on every page where you need it, or always available as a console utility.
  • The QuickResponse feature saves frequently-used message templates with {FirstName} and {MyName} binding for personalization.
  • Schedule a text to be sent later.


  • No code needed to send automated SMS Notifications for new opportunity, priority case, or other event. 
  • Flows handle incoming messages, gather key data, link to Contact, Lead, or User, and route to a user or queue. Perfect for text-to-Lead and text-to-Case scenarios.