Revenue Grid

Revenue Intelligence platform that allows sales teams to grow on their own terms using Salesforce

Revenue Grid is a revenue intelligence platform that automatically captures sales activities to
help you identify and fix revenue leakage.

Revenue leakage is lost or unachieved revenue caused by a barrier in customer engagement, a
gap in your process, or a problem with your data. 

Revenue leaks can be a major challenge since they’re often invisible, making them hard to
identify and address. That’s where Revenue Grid comes in – with the tools and insights you
need to spot and fix revenue leaks.

How can you fix revenue leaks using automation and revenue intelligence?

Capture sales activity to Salesforce without compromises

With category-leading activity capture and system-native functionality, Revenue Grid syncs with
how you sell. With Revenue Grid, you can automatically capture all customer interactions from
multiple channels and platforms to Salesforce that otherwise would never get collected.

Analyze your pipeline with AI to find revenue leaks

Once your Salesforce is complete and up to date with automatically captured data, you can
spot where and why leaks may happen by analyzing current and historical data with AI-based
revenue intelligence features.

Implement company-wide changes to fix leaks for good

Identifying revenue leaks isn’t enough; you must create company-wide structural changes to
eliminate them forever. Using Revenue Grid’s Signals, contextual AI notifications, you can
ensure the right processes and playbooks are followed across the whole funnel to prevent

Check out to discover how Slalom, Moody’s, TripAdvisor, and Robert Half
optimize their revenue engines and effectively prevent revenue leaks.

Here’s what uncompromised activity capture looks like

Here’s how to prevent revenue leakage using revenue intelligence

Learn how to stop revenue leakage with our open guide

Do you want to fix your leaky pipeline and prevent revenue loss? Our open guide provides practical solutions and insights to help you achieve this. Click the link below to learn about revenue leakage and how to solve it:

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