Tahoe Dreamin' is family friendly

If you are like those of us running Tahoe Dreamin’, our family doesn’t always understand what we do or just how awesome the Salesforce Community is.  This is why at Tahoe Dreamin’ we allow you to bring your family into the expo area and see what is going on. We ask for them to not go into the sessions or the lunch (if they really want to lets get them a ticket and get them on the way of being a Trailblazer!).  This is a great way for family members to learn and see why we all do so much with the Salesforce Community.

Tahoe Dreamin’ is a great event to bring your family with you. Let them see the Salesforce Ohana in action. Then they can go have fun around Tahoe while you have your Salesforce fun.  Then spend the weekend together in beautiful Tahoe.  Win win all around!