Tahoe Dreamin’ 2023 is pleased to offer discounted hotel rooms for all registered conference attendees. Through partnerships with Harrah’s and Harveys hotels, Tahoe Dreamin’ provides cost-effective and convenient lodging options, enabling participants to fully experience the event and the stunning surroundings of Lake Tahoe.

Upon registering for Tahoe Dreamin’ 2023, attendees will receive links to reserve discounted hotel rooms at Harrah’s and Harveys hotels. The conference will take place at the Harrah’s South Lake Tahoe Convention Center, making these hotels an ideal choice for participants. Harrah’s and Harveys are interconnected by a tunnel, ensuring a quick and easy walk between the two locations.

Discounted room rates are available from the Sunday before the event through the weekend after, providing the opportunity for an extended stay in Lake Tahoe. As the conference commences at 9 am on Thursday, arriving and staying on Wednesday night is recommended. The conference concludes at 1 pm on Friday, necessitating accommodations for Thursday night as well. Staying on Friday or Saturday night is optional for conference attendees but offers the chance to explore Lake Tahoe further.

Please note that while staying at Harrah’s or Harveys is not mandatory for Tahoe Dreamin’ participants, the discounts available make these hotels an attractive option for accommodations in South Lake Tahoe. Attendees are responsible for booking their own room accommodations using the provided links or any alternative methods they prefer. The ticket purchased during registration grants access to the conference only and does not include hotel accommodations.

Discounted Hotel Prices (before taxes and fees):

NOTE: Our discounted hotel rooms are getting close to selling out at the prices below. Since we do not know when people register, this is a list of the rooms we got at a discount. They can sell out at anytime.


  • Sunday, Monday – SOLD OUT
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights (July 16-20): $89 per night plus taxes and fees.
    • Only 3 Tuesday night rooms left
    • Approx. 8 Wed and Thur night rooms left at $89 per night (plus all those fun taxes and fees). Then prices will increase to $119 plus taxes and fees, and we have 25 rooms at that price.
  • Friday and Saturday nights: $229 per night plus taxes and fees.
    • 7 Sat night rooms left at this price.
    • 10 Fri night rooms left at this price.
    • After Fri and/or Sat sell out at this price, we will have some rooms available at $279 per night.


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights (July 16-20): $69 per night plus taxes and fees.
    • 1 room left on Mon
    • 1 room left on Tues
    • 13 rooms on Wed
    • 6 rooms left on Thur
  • Friday and Saturday nights: $189 per night plus taxes and fees.
    • 12 rooms left on Fri
    • Saturday sold out

To secure the best rates and availability, attendees are encouraged to book hotel rooms early. For updates on the conference schedule, speakers, and other important information, monitor the Tahoe Dreamin’ website and social media channels.