Nolan’s Lemonade Stand

Tahoe Dreamin’s CFO (Chief Fun Officer) Nolan will be bringing his famous fresh squeezed lemonade to Tahoe Dreamin’ 2024. Many Trailblazers have been supporting Nolan’s annual lemonade stand previous years, when he does it out his house. The support was amazing. So he wanted to bring it to Tahoe Dreamin’ and have everyone have some of his delicious lemonade.

The lemonade will be free for everyone. Nolan will be taking donations for his 529 College Savings Plan, which anyone can gift to if they would like. Or you can donate to an animal rescue group. Each year Nolan takes money from his lemonade stand and donates to a local animal rescue group.

Each year Nolan creates a promotional video for his lemonade stand. He has not done one yet for this year, but below is a compilation of the 3 he has done.

Nolan loves Tahoe Dreamin’ and helping out where he can. He also gives up “Dad time” often leading up to the conference, so we hope all the attending Trailblazers will enjoy the lemonade and support Nolan.

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