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Apsona for Salesforce is a toolbox full of Admin specific functionality and features to support Every Admin with their day to day needs.  As a browser based tool 100% native Salesforce tool – you can use Apsona in any browser, laptop, or Salesforce instance – we support all data models in use by customers.

All of our products are 100% free to try in Sandbox – and also include a 30 day trial for Production or Developer Sandbox instances.  

Base license: “ Apsona for Salesforce” includes a number of ETL (Extract,Transform,Load) features as well as a tabular interface to shorten the time it takes to import, clean and update your Salesforce Data. 

Email and Document Merge provides the ability to merge any Salesforce field to an Email, Document, or Spreadsheet for export/printing or delivery via email. (Email & Doc Merge is part of the install of Base license above for trials and priced separately.)

Charts & Dashboards is our Apsona specific interface to show your Apsona analytics in a view that can surface key data gaps and highlight information critical to your business. (Charts & Dashboards is part of the install of Base license above for trials and priced separately.)

Dedupe & Match is our winning product to merge any Salesforce record and clean up your duplicates with a powerful set of matching criteria.

Multi-Step Reports gives customers with complex data models the ability to report on virtually any object to object reference.  The inherent features of Multi-Step Reports also provides the ability to range/sort data and provide metric summary fields on any record.

Scheduled Document Merge Actions allow your Declarative Admin to set recurring intervals of document merges to deliver via email to your customers.  Scheduled Reports give your Managers the ability to deliver custom analytics to any email address for those outside of Salesforce that need ongoing updates.

The Email Connector allows the use of Mailgun to deliver emails directly from your Salesforce data via email templates.

Batch Gift Entry is our winning and time tested product to support NPSP customers in their need to visually and quickly create large numbers of donations via manual entry to Salesforce.  

Apsona Grids is our newest product released in Summer 2022 and enables a lower cost version of Apsona made available to your Salesforce users – giving them spreadsheet like features and ability to maintain and update their data.