Getting from Tahoe via Air

How to Get to South Lake Tahoe from Reno for Tahoe Dreamin’ 2024

For those flying in to attend Tahoe Dreamin’ 2024, there are several convenient transportation options available from Reno to South Lake Tahoe.

1. Rent a Car

  • Freedom and Flexibility: Renting a car allows you to travel at your own pace and enjoy the picturesque route.
  • Scenic Drive: The drive from Reno to South Lake Tahoe is beautiful, with stunning views of the forest and mountains.

2. South Tahoe Airporter Shuttle Service

  • Stress-Free Travel: The South Tahoe Airporter offers a convenient and relaxing way to reach South Lake Tahoe.
  • Direct Drop-off: The shuttle service drops you off right at Harrah’s, making it an ideal choice for conference attendees.
  • Scenic Route: Enjoy a relaxing ride through scenic landscapes.
  • Schedules and Pricing: For more information, visit the South Tahoe Airporter website: South Tahoe Airporter.


  • We highly recommend using the South Tahoe Airporter. It provides a stress-free and enjoyable journey, allowing you to relax and take in the beautiful scenery on the way to South Lake Tahoe.

Choose the option that best suits your needs and Follow Your Trail to Tahoe Dreamin’ 2024!

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