We’re excited to announce the return of Saturday activities at this year’s Tahoe Dreamin’ Community Conference! While the conference itself remains focused on Salesforce learning and sessions, we wanted to provide an additional opportunity for attendees to relax, network, and explore the beautiful Lake Tahoe area on Saturday, July 22, 2023.

Please keep in mind that the core of Tahoe Dreamin’ is still a Salesforce conference, taking place on Thursday and Friday, July 20-21, 2023, with valuable learning experiences and engaging sessions for all participants. The Saturday activities are an optional add-on designed to enhance your overall experience and foster connections with fellow Trailblazers in a more informal and scenic setting.

We’re delighted to welcome not only conference attendees but also their family and friends to join in the Saturday activities. Encouraging loved ones to participate in these events can create a more enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone involved.

This year’s optional Saturday activities include:

  1. Ziplining in the forest – Led by our Chief Fun Officer, Nolan
  2. Boat cruise around Lake Tahoe
  3. Guided hikes
  4. And more to be announced!

Each activity will be led by a Salesforce Trailblazer, and family and friends are welcome and encouraged to join in on the fun.

Although the Saturday activities are not officially part of the conference, we highly recommend participating to make the most of your Tahoe Dreamin’ experience. It’s a chance to unwind, network, and create lasting memories while enjoying the breathtaking surroundings of Lake Tahoe.

Stay tuned for more details and registration information for the Saturday activities. We look forward to seeing you at the conference and sharing a fantastic day of networking and adventure in Lake Tahoe with you and your loved ones!