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Check out the sessions we have added to Tahoe Dreamin’ We will continue to update this page with more sessions as they are announced. (last updated 6/14)

Session Track:  Partners

A Look Behind the Curtain: Partner Success Q&A

Presenter: Sr. Director of Partner Recruiting, Growth, & Partner Sales @ Salesforce, Chip Driggs

During this session, you’ll learn from Chip Driggs,  one of the top decision-makers for Salesforce Partner Growth,  about how your consultancy can stand out from the crowd and succeed in the ecosystem. If you’ve ever wondered… What’s on Salesforce’s priority list for consultants? What does Salesforce think makes the best consultancy? What you can my consultancy do to stand out in front of Salesforce Account Executives and Partner Managers? What’s on Salesforce’s consultant roadmap? What can my consultancy do to be prepared for the future of Salesforce? …then this session is for you! There will be time for Q&A with Chip during this session, so come prepared with all of your questions!

Session Track:  Architect & Designers , All

Making Salesforce Make Sense

Presenter: Director Architect Success @ Salesforce - Shoby Abdi

There is a lot when it comes to Salesforce. And it can often feel complex. We believe its the job of Architects to help simplify things! In this session we will cover:
  • What is An Architect
  • Understand the high level present state of Salesforce
  • Simplify the present state like an Architect
  • Make that present state customer centric
Understanding the present state of Salesforce will help everyone understand what the future state of Salesforce could be too! So learn what it takes to think like an Architect, understand the capabilities of Salesforce today so you can see whats possible tomorrow!

Session Track:  Architect & Designers , Admin, Developers, Consultants

Ask Me Anything Panel with Salesforce Product Design Architects

Panel of Salesforce Product Design Architects

Join Salesforce Product Design Architects for the first-ever Trailblazer community product design ask me anything panel! Moderated by Designer Relations’ Adam Doti, he will be joined on stage by lead UX Architects from each of Salesforce’s major clouds.

Sitting at the intersection of product management, technology, and strategy, get to know the designers that lead the way in innovating the next generation of Salesforce products and solutions.

Want to know more about designing for platforms, enterprise design systems, inclusive design, or becoming a high-performing design-minded team? Curious how our UX Architects have tackled some of the biggest technology & product challenges? Need to build and grow your current Salesforce team with diverse skill sets and design roles?  This session is for you.

We will be answering your questions live!

The Salesforce Design team is honored to be debuting this new and exciting session at the Tahoe Dreamin’ ’22 event this summer!


Session Track:  Architect & Designers , All

How to Build Architect Skills Every Phase of your Career

Presenter: Architect Success at Salesforce - Taylor Grimes

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