6 weeks to Air: From Concept to Launched Experience Cloud Site

In this session, long-time friends and colleagues Ray and Evan walk you through the making of an Experience Cloud customer community from scratch. This is a real-life client scenario where an experience cloud site had to be launched, functional, and high fidelity branded pixel perfect within 6 weeks. We discuss the process from define and design to implementation, testing, and deployment. We discuss real decisions that had to be made with realistic compromises to meet deadlines.

We introduce the business and technical stakeholders, the processes by which we laid out options and made recommendations, and ultimately the areas we had success or failure.

In some aspects, 6 weeks to launch felt a little like 6 days to air (the documentary whereby a South Park episode was created in just 6 days as a normal way of working). With proper planning and the right team, 6 weeks is plenty of time to accomplish the goals at hand.