Bridging the Gap with Salesforce and Slack: A Data Love Story

Your stakeholders know they need to enter their data into Salesforce. That’s what you built it for after all. But maybe they don’t spend all their time in Salesforce like you do. So what do you do? You meet them where they work. And that’s Slack.

This session demonstrates a simple, but incredibly impactful use case (how-to operationalize stakeholders entering data into Salesforce) at my org that gets solved two ways with the out of the box, declarative tools provided by Workflow Builder 2.0 and Salesforce Flow for Slack. Implementing these solutions was a quick, big win for our stakeholders (and data quality!)

Either way, admins will come away from this session with knowledge on how to use these tools, spot those use cases that can be translated into a Salesforce/Slack workflow and the things to look out for.


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