Bringing Innovation, Agility and Scale to Salesforce Credentials: Salesforce On Salesforce Story

Imagine you have a world class program which certifies hundreds of thousands of Trailblazers every year for their technological expertise on the platform, and yet it does not allow any innovation or the ability to scale 🙁 Imagine you are not able to be agile to bring new enhancements to the program because it takes months for even a small change to happen. Bummer! 🙁

That was the situation with our Salesforce Credential program as we were dependent and constrained by our heavily customized credential business rules engine developed by our certification vendor. But we decided to change that for our Trailblazers! We decided to change that for all of us! We knew upfront it was not going to be easy! We knew it was going to take time and patience! We wanted to do it right without impacting even a single certification holder! And Yes! We did it!! It took us a couple of years to plan and execute and we did it nicely and smoothly. And we did it all on Salesforce!!

In this session we will share our story and journey of how we developed a Salesforce-owned platform to build, administer, and maintain our business rules for Salesforce certification exams in an easy configurable manner. This is a story of an infrastructure investment which establishes a foundation for our credential program innovation and growth. This brought us the needed agility and scale by enabling us to bring new certifications and enhancements to our credential program in a matter of weeks. And it has opened so many more doors for future enhancements and innovations.

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