Drive Your Career Growth: How Gaggle Social Streamlines and Supercharges Salesforce Hiring

Attention job seekers! Gaggle Social is the solution to the job hunting problem you didn’t realize you had. Wading through hundreds of listings that are a 10% match for your skills is a waste of your time. Similarly, hiring managers dealing with hundreds of resumes that are only a 10% match for their posting will certainly make them miss that needle in a haystack that is an 80%+ match that they want to talk to.

Come see a demo of Gaggle Social’s solution to both of these issues. Create your free Gaggle Social profile during this interactive session and maybe you will find the job (or candidate) of your dreams.

Benefits of Gaggle Social:

  • Grab the attention of a hiring manager twice as fast with the right set of skills highlighted on your profile in a manner that is easy to visualize and read
  • Save time on applying to just the jobs you are the best fit for
  • Hiring managers can easily compare multiple candidates’ qualifications in an apples to apples format