Hi! It’s me! The problem is me: A reflective look at our Salesforce issues

Over the course of my career, I have noticed a particular, and common way, that people talk about their Salesforce instances. Things like, “Salesforce is broken,” or, “Salesforce isn’t acting right,” or, “That’s just how Salesforce is sometimes.” There’s often this third-person quality to the statements, as if Salesforce is a thing that has processes and functions that live outside of us even though we had a contributing role. I always thought these comments were strange because Salesforce is, to a certain extent, a platform without opinions. One that processes billions of interactions every day. How could it possibly be broken?

From my experience, conversations, and connections, I found that Salesforce reflects ourselves and our business practices. This presentation unabashedly borrows a Taylor Swift lyric to encourage business leaders, administrators, developers, consultants, and others to first look within when we encounter a Salesforce platform that is not giving us the outcomes we expect.

During this session, I will cover three main areas where the root issues of our Salesforce maladies often lie: in our business processes, development standards and operations, and relationships with consultants and outside vendors and third-party apps. I provide examples born of real-life experiences (anonymized, of course) to show what symptoms may appear when we run afoul in these areas.

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