How to streamline your Salesforce deployments while keeping your sanity

You take pride in your code but the actual deployment of it is a different story. You’re familiar with stress in the testing stage before a big launch, trying your best to maintain the level of quality your customers expect while accounting for Salesforce’s regular updates and adjusting your testing strategy as necessary. If you’ve got a headache thinking about how much peace of mind this will cost you in the long run, you’re not alone. Luckily, thanks to its focus on quality test automation, Provar can help provide a balance so testing before deployment helps rather than haunts.

In this session, you’ll learn from Zac Taylor, Senior Solutions Engineer at Provar, why test automation for your Salesforce applications offers you more than peace of mind, but also ensures that your teams have a robust framework with which to set up quality processes and deliver quality software. He will share key strategies to consider when evaluating new test automation solutions, deployment horror stories from years of working with global software development teams, and key testing principles to help you build confidence and peace of mind in every deployment.