Integrate Website Submissions Into Salesforce: A Palisades Tahoe Success Story

Alterra Mountain Company needed a centralized process to manage incoming inquiries across their portfolio of destinations – one of which is Palisades Tahoe (just minutes from this conference). Using Screen Flows, Lighting Out functionality, and some CSS styling, we were able to deploy a solution on their existing website content management system – integrating submission forms on their website pages with their Salesforce instance. Join us as we dissect this success story of creating alignment around a common problem and utilizing the suite of available Salesforce features to craft a holistic solution that saves both time and money across their enterprise. We’ll cover the business problem, the tools used, demo an example using Palisades Tahoe, and discuss our roadmap for future iterations. You’ll walk away with a fantastic example of how to scale a website form integration solution to meet the growing demands of a large enterprise organization.

Session TD24
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