Intro to Apsona: An Admin’s Best Friend

 Apsona is referred to as ‘The Golden App’ and once you learn about all of the things it can do, you’ll understand why so many admins and consultants won’t work in Salesforce without Apsona installed. Come learn about the powerful admin tools that Apsona offers along with its 9 add-on apps that provide everything you need to organize and distribute your data quickly and efficiently.  We’ll show you how to import and export data in minutes, how to execute mass updates quickly and confidently, and how to build reports without having to deal with restrictive report types. For more, visit our booth to learn about our Document and Email Merge toolDeduplication toolMultistep reports that allow you to link any object you want into a single report…and more…See you there!  Want to get a head start? Dive into Apsona with this video and visit our Youtube channel.