A Look Behind the Curtain: Partner Success Q&A with Sr. Director of Partner Recruiting, Growth, & Partner Sales @ Scale at Salesforce, Chip Driggs

During this session, you’ll learn from one of the top decision-makers for Salesforce Partner Growth about how your consultancy can stand out from the crowd and succeed in the ecosystem.

If you’ve ever wondered…

  • What’s on Salesforce’s priority list for consultants?
  • What does Salesforce think makes the best consultancy?
  • What you can my consultancy do to stand out in front of Salesforce Account Executives and Partner Managers?
  • What’s on Salesforce’s consultant roadmap?
  • What can my consultancy do to be prepared for the future of Salesforce?

…then this session is for you! There will be time for Q&A with Chip Driggs during this session, so come prepared with your questions or submit questions ahead of time here!



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