Tahoe Dreamin’ Success Story: Tahoe Fund

Tahoe Fund has been using Salesforce for donor management since 2012. They used Conga’s Mail Merge application for most of that time, but two years ago Conga decided to retire this app and were unable to help Tahoe Fund get the same functionality without having to dramatically increase the cost. Learn how their consultant, Emily Walton, met Matt Kaufman from Mambo Merge at the 2021 Tahoe Dreamin’ and worked with them to set up a merge solution that is simple and easy for Tahoe Fund to use to create and print all of the various thank you letters, while also costing much less than Conga.

In this session you will:
-Learn about the Tahoe Fund’s mission to use the power of philanthropy to improve the Lake Tahoe environment for all to enjoy.
-See a demo of how Mambo Merge was set up to allow Tahoe Fund to easily create thank you letters from list views
-Meet with the CEO of Mambo Merge to learn more about how their product can help your organization.