The Salesforce Professional’s Guide to Becoming an Accessibility Advocate

Come learn about the current state of digital accessibility in the Salesforce ecosystem and how you as a Salesforce professional can become an advocate for accessibility in your organization. Craig Warren, Associate Salesforce Administrator at Ability Central, will share lived experiences as a Salesforce user with disabilities. Matt Sai, Senior Consultant at Ability Central, will share his experiences working with a colleague with disabilities and serving clients with disabilities. We’ll share examples of accessibility best practices and how you can implement them. During this presentation, you’ll learn:

· Accessibility features provided in Salesforce out-of-the-box for users who are blind/Visually Impaired and for other disabilities, such as semantic HTML and alt text.

Guidelines to follow for accessible experiences in Salesforce, including best practices for designing Record Pages, List Views, custom development, and more.
Pitfalls to avoid when designing accessible Reports and Dashboards: We will examine how to use SLDS (Salesforce Lightning Design System) guidelines to create accessible experiences that all users love.
Writing Do’s and Don’ts: You’ll learn how to use field labels and error messages to enhance accessibility and the UX for all users.
Understanding accessibility challenges in documentation: We will explain accessibility challenges experienced in common documents like process mapping diagrams, training materials, and slide decks. Examples of accessible documentation will also be provided, so you will take away best practices you can use in your work.
Demoing and accessibility: You will learn how to demo Salesforce tools and features to users with disabilities and set up new users for success.


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