The Story of Your Data, a Data Quality Journey

How do you know if your data is fit for (business) purpose? Where and how do you start your assessment while under time and budget pressure to deliver sales, service, marketing, compliance, and overall customer 360 needs… all while using the latest automation, analytics, and AI solutions?  

Join our seasoned Salesforce and data management subject matter expert to learn best practices on how to assess, prioritize, and improve data quality within your CRM solution architecture.

The session will include information surrounding:
– how data quality can impact better decision-making, customer relationships, and financial bottom-line
– key dimensions of data quality (accuracy, consistency, completeness, relevancy, and timeliness)
– practical ways to measure data quality using various metrics and KPIs
– successful data governance and stewardship techniques, as well as anti-patterns
– how to balance the costs and benefits of fixing data quality issues

By the end of the session, Salesforce professionals will be equipped with the knowledge to drive greater ROI for their Salesforce investments.