2024 Sessions

Below is our initial list of sessions and keynotes. More info to come.

These sessions or keynotes are subject to change and this is the initial list. We wanted to release this as soon as possible so all the Trailblazers had an overview of the sessions and keynotes would be. More sessions will be released when we get confirmation from the speakers.

Tahoe Dreamin’ Salesforce Community Conference is an amazing experience in South Lake Tahoe. It is a low cost alternative to larger conferences, with hotel rooms as low as $69 per night and tickets only $199 to attend. If you cannot get budget to attend other conferences we hope you will consider the Salesforce Community Conferences like Tahoe Dreamin’.



  • But I Don’t Want to be a Developer! (Why Admins Should Learn Dev Fundamentals)- Kate Lessard
  • Getting started with UX Research – Ashlyn Watters
  • Take Your Salesforce Reporting to the Next Level – David Carnes
  • Project Success Through Useful User Stories – Vanessa Grant
  • Moving From Admin to Strategic Advisor – Meagan Diegelman
  • From API Spec to Implementation: How does an outbound integration come together? – Ray Dehler
  • Architect’s Guide to Data Modeling in Data Cloud – Melissa Shepard
  • A First Look at Data Cloud – Eric Petrusic
  • Flow Mastery: Elevating Performance with Apex-inspired Best Practices – Pat McClellan
  • Do This 👍? Not That 🚫? – Susan Thayer
  • The Salesforce Professional’s Guide to Becoming an Accessibility Advocate – Craig Warren
  • Bridging the Gap with Salesforce and Slack: A Data Love Story – Paolo Sambrano
  • Integrate Website Submissions Into Salesforce: A Palisades Tahoe Success Story – Evan Ponter
  • Project Management for Salesforce projects – Chris Younkman

Well-Architected Hands-On Workshops

We will be having approximately (8) hour-long Salesforce Well-Architected Hands-on workshops at Tahoe Dreamin’ 2024. These will be in a dedicated large room to accommodate larger groups of people. This is new to Tahoe Dreamin’ and we are beyond excited to have it happening. Trailblazer’s have asked for hands-on workshops at Tahoe Dreamin’ and we think the Well-Architected workshops will be amazing for all attendees. (Some workshops will be more than once)

  • Architect a Reliable Salesforce Solution
  • Architect an Automated Salesforce Solution
  • Architect a Composable Salesforce Solution
  • Architect a Secure Salesforce Solution
  • Architect an Engaging Salesforce Solution
  • Architect a Compliant Salesforce Solution

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