Tahoe Dreamin' Salesforce Community Conference

Christ Valentin

I am an 18x Salesforce Certified Domain Architect 7 months into my CTA Prep #journeytoCTA. I am from the Bronx, NY and currently live in Orlando, FL. Workwise, I am a technical architect. I have done architect roles ever since I got my first couple of certs at Destination Success in 2017. However, I officially became an architect in 2018. I have always worked for end users but I am getting ready to start the consultant phase of my career at Cognizant. I like to say… I am a solutionist focusing on Salesforce based solutions with a strong eye on enterprise architecture. I am someone who’s solutions and problem solving will always have scalability and adaptability in mind. I am here to eliminate manual processes so businesses can run as efficiently as possible. Personally, I am total Salesforce geek so studying for the CTA is my hobby. I also love traveling with my wife and watching my kids grow into productive adults.