John Candioto

5x SF certified, John Candioto has great breadth and depth across the Salesforce ecosystem and excels at integrating best practices with custom solution architecture. John brings a unique perspective to the platform, having had the privilege of being a Salesforce Customer, Employee, and Partner, and draws upon experiences from each. John began his Salesforce career as an ‘accidental admin’ for a leading manufacturer in the Spirits industry. He quickly became a Salesforce champion, helping to implement and customize Service Cloud across various OUs within the global supply chain. During his time at Salesforce and as a partner, John has been involved with numerous Fortune 100 and public sector Salesforce implementations, bringing strategic business priorities to life within the platform. John balances his Salesforce knowledge with a rich history of industry expertise, including 10+ years experience in Supply Chain, Sales Operations, and S&OP.

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