Tahoe Dreamin' Salesforce Community Conference

Meighan Brodkey

Meighan is a technical architect, that has spent the past 15 years going from Admin to Technical Architect specializing in communities,5 years of Slack administration and development, and she leads the Seattle Women in Tech User Group leader and the RoadtoCTA Salesforce Saturday. She has over 600 Trailhead badges and has worked to help others learn about Salesforce as well. Meighan is the founder of OhanaSlack with almost 9k members globally, is a  podcaster, blogger, volunteers with Merivis and is a Trailblazer mentor. You can see her when back to traveling working on seeing the world via salesforce and traveling to Dreamin events world wide (seeing the world via Salesforce), working on meeting as many Ohana in person as possible.