Paul Stoddart

CMO of Customer Success & Growth at Salesforce

Paul Stoddart is the current CMO of Customer Success & Growth for Salesforce, board member of TomTom, and lecturer of Brand, Marketing and Communications at the University of Austin Texas.

A strategic and entrepreneurial leader with proven capability in digital transformation and growth bringing over 20 years of industry experience, as a prior Salesforce customer, partner and now company executive.

With extensive global experience as a prior exec of Microsoft, IBM, and Epicor, Paul is a full stack marketer, with expertise spanning the growth continuum from product to brand and marketing through to communications and business development.

Fueled by brand, a firm believer that team and organizational culture is critical to long-term, sustainable success and as such has developed a set of original principles which have galvanized people and companies efforts to deliver growth for all.

Paul is concurrently a co-founder of a web3 startup, and undertakes advisory roles to executive teams considering business and marketing transformations.

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