Stephan Paquet

My journey through the years brought me to build an amazing set of experiences in tools, platforms, services and applications from the back end, through the front end, in companies of all sizes, from Startups through Mega-corporations… But the most important to me as a leader, is to connect with my team and people! I believe that everyone has amazing infinite capabilities for innovation and it’s my goal to encourage this through inspiration and supporting my people. As a Senior Director of Multi-Cloud Apps & Services Software Engineering development @ Ciena, I am so proud of this team that we have built together, this family and always looking to connect to more amazing people…

I have been in the Salesforce eco-system Ohana for the past 14 years now and continue to architect, code and develop on the platform as well as read every single release note documents since then… I love the platform and what it enables and am always thrilled to share my experience and exchange with my Salesforce ohana peers !

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