Tahoe Dreamin’ Day-by-Day Experience

Tahoe Dreamin’ Salesforce Community Conference: Day-by-Day Experience

Wednesday July 24

Arrival and Check-in: Travel to South Lake Tahoe. Check-in for Tahoe Dreamin’ starts in the late afternoon and continues into the early evening. Get settled in early to avoid the rush on Thursday morning.

Evening Networking: Enjoy networking events at various bars and restaurants near Harrah’s. This evening is a prime opportunity to meet fellow Trailblazers

Thursday July 25

Morning Check-in and Breakfast: If you didn’t check in on Wednesday, check-in starts at 7:30am. Enjoy a continental breakfast with fruit, pastries, juices, and coffee.

Opening Keynote: The conference kicks off at 9am with an inspiring keynote. Be sure to arrive on time to start your day with valuable insights and excitement to get you ready for Tahoe Dreamin’ 2024.

Sessions and Workshops: From 10am to noon, attend sessions and workshops, including those focused on Salesforce Well-Architected. Choose between 2 session rooms and 1 hands-on workshop room to enhance your Salesforce skills.

Lunch with a View: Head to the top floor of Harrah’s at noon for a BBQ lunch while enjoying a stunning view of Lake Tahoe. This serene setting is perfect for recharging before the afternoon sessions.

Sponsor Visits: Spend some time after lunch visiting the sponsors. They provide essential support for Tahoe Dreamin’ and offer great products and services. Visiting sponsors also gives you a chance to win prizes and get swag at the Friday closing keynote.

Afternoon Sessions: Return to sessions and workshops at 1:30pm. Each session has a 10-minute break, allowing time for networking, restroom breaks, or relaxation.

Afternoon Break: At 3pm, take a break and enjoy a refreshing ice cream or fruit bar. Don’t miss Nolan’s Lemonade stand for some fresh squeezed lemonade.

TrAIblazer Keynote: At 4:30pm, attend the TrAIblazer Keynote, featuring motivational insights and cutting-edge Salesforce technology.

Happy Hour: After the keynote, unwind at the happy hour with drinks and appetizers, the prime time for networking until approximately 7pm.

Dinner and Evening: Join fellow Trailblazers for dinner at one of the many nearby restaurants to wrap up an amazing day.

Friday July 26

Early Bird Session and Breakfast: For early risers, we have an early bird session at 8:30am which is Salesforce on Salesforce: How Salesforce uses Data Cloud, with the same continental breakfast available from 7:30am.

Morning Keynote: The Friday morning keynote begins at 9am, setting the stage for another day of learning.

Sessions and Workshops: Continue your learning journey with hands-on workshops and sessions. Don’t forget to visit the sponsors during breaks.

Quick Break and Closing Keynote: Take a short break at noon, then join the closing keynote at 12:30pm. This finale includes swag and prizes—attendance is required to win.

Official Conclusion and Afternoon Activities: The conference concludes at 1:30pm, but the fun continues. Join fellow Trailblazers for lunch, hikes, beach relaxation, jet skiing, or a lake cruise. These activities offer additional networking opportunities and valuable Salesforce discussions.

Saturday July 27

Additional Activities: If you’re staying an extra night, enjoy more activities with other Salesforce Trailblazers. Make the most of your time in beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Monday July 29

By the end of Tahoe Dreamin’, you’ll have gained valuable insights, enhanced your Salesforce skills, and made meaningful connections with fellow Trailblazers, all while enjoying the beautiful setting of Lake Tahoe.

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