Tahoe Dreamin' for Admins

In the current Salesforce landscape a Salesforce administrator is hard to define exactly.  Almost all admins do business analyst functions, project management functions, some architect functions, along with the normal every day Salesforce maintenance (traditional administrative functions like user management, support, reporting, formula’s, etc…).

At Tahoe Dreamin’ we do not have a track just for Salesforce Admins. The reason is because of the above. We want those in the current Salesforce admin role to “think like an architect”, which is one of our keynotes, because Salesforce admins do architect work at times.  We want admins to expand their on how to be a better business analyst because they are business analysts, too.  Salesforce admins should learn from the Salesforce Designers on how to better setup pages, Visual Flows, mock up prototypes and more.

So even if you do not see an admin specific track know that most of the sessions some way or another hit all Salesforce Administrators.

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