At Tahoe Dreamin’, Salesforce administrators should attend because the conference offers a valuable opportunity for them to expand their skills and knowledge beyond traditional administrative functions. While it’s difficult to define the exact role of a Salesforce administrator in today’s landscape, it’s clear that they often take on business analyst, project management, and even architect functions. That’s why Tahoe Dreamin’ doesn’t have a track specifically for Salesforce admins. Instead, the conference aims to help them “think like an architect” and improve their business analyst skills. Attendees can learn from Salesforce designers about how to set up pages, Visual Flows, and mock-up prototypes, which are all valuable skills for admins. 

The conference provides an opportunity to learn about the latest updates and best practices in Salesforce administration. Attendees can learn from experienced administrators and experts who share their knowledge and tips on how to optimize and streamline their Salesforce instances.  Attendees can network, share ideas, and collaborate with peers who are facing similar challenges and opportunities in their roles. This can lead to new insights and ideas on how to improve their Salesforce implementation.

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