Tahoe Dreamin' Salesforce Community Conference

Tahoe Dreamin' 2022 Workshops

Tahoe Dreamin’ is adding smaller hands on workshops or smaller more interactive sessions in 2022.  Below you will see what we have so far (more are being added daily).  These will be limited to 15 people per workshop/session.  You must register to attend each workshop/session (registration of these will begin on July 15th).  First come, first serve.

These will be a fantastic way to learn in an interactive, smaller environment. 

Workshop NameWorkshop LeaderDate and TimeLength (in minutes)Description
TBDTBD8/5/2022 08:00 AM25
TBDTBD8/5/2022 08:30 AM25
Advanced Reporting Tips And Tricks For New AdminsAaron Crear8/5/2022 09:00 AM25Are you a new Admin struggling to create reports for your team? Do you spend way too much time racking your brain trying to get data to present properly? You're not alone. Many beginner Admins spend hours trying to develop reports that should only take minutes to finish. This session will show you real examples of advanced reporting features that will make your job easier and provide greater value to your users. During this live demo you will learn how to use: Custom Summary Formulas, Row-Level Formulas, Unique Values, Cross Filters, Power of 1, Joined Reports, Buckets, and Custom Report Types. These tips will help you easily identify and present data, enable your marketing team to see Lead conversion rates and show sales reps revenue toward goal. The presentation will help you take your reporting game to the next level.
Recession-Proof RevOps: Tips & Tricks to Optimize Your Org in Uncertain TimesSeamus Ruiz-Earle8/5/2022 09:30 AM25Join RevOps practitioner Seamus Ruiz-Earle for a lively discussion of practical, pragmatic tips and tricks to right-size your team’s technology footprint in uncertain economic conditions. From usage, to process, to strategy and everything in between, learn the steps you need to take to harness the full potential of the technology investments you’ve already made.
Take charge of your workflow retirement: How to transition 5 workflow rules into FlowTracie Hart & Kristi Brown8/5/2022 10:00 AM45With the news of impending workflow retirement, many admins are starting to feel anxious about where to begin. Join our workshop as we take one of the most popular objects head on. Our org will have 5 workflow rules that need to be transitioned into Flow. Learn not only how to organize yourself, but how to prepare your org and successfully execute these workflows retirement. Join us, it’s gonna be one hell of a retirement party.
Salesforce Functions: Expanding Back-end FunctionalityAlan Petersen8/5/2022 11:00 AM45Salesforce Functions are a way to get more out of your Salesforce implementation. They help us overcome some of the limitations of development in Salesforce, unlocking unlimited (ok with some limits!) potential. This workshop will provide a guided interactive tour of Salesforce Functions including: - Getting things set up - Developing a function - Running things locally - Unit tests - Deploying functions - Calling functions from Salesforce - Monitoring logs - Practical function examples / ideas
Easier Sandbox Seeding: Demo with a Salesforce Data Management ExpertDrew Niermann8/5/2022 01:30 PM25In this session you will learn how enterprises around the globe leverage CapStorm's platform to rapidly move data and metadata from one Salesforce Org to another. This method is most commonly used to push near real-time production data into sandboxes for training, development, and UAT Highlights include: data migration without CSVs, masking sensitive data, disabling Salesforce automation, no limits on complex data sets, granular control over which data or metadata to push into sandboxes
Flow-tastic Texting in SalesforcePat McClellan8/5/2022 02:00 PM25Learn the basics of automated SMS texting in Salesforce, including use cases and best practices for integrating text messaging into Flows.
Build an App to Report on custom sales Goals, Quotas and KPIsAaron Crear8/5/2022 02:30 PM25Reporting on performance is a key attribute of any organization. For more complex KPIs we will need to create a more customized solution than what the out of the box options quotas provide. If your organization evaluates sales reps on benchmarks in addition to revenue, such as new logos per quarter or meetings per month, this session is for you. In this presentation you will learn how to develop the data model, build automation to track attainment, create custom report types for accurate measurement and present visualizations in a dashboard.
TBDTBD8/5/2022 04:00 PM25
TBDTBD8/5/2022 02:30 PM