Salesforce Well-Architected

Unveiling the Power of Salesforce Well-Architected at Tahoe Dreamin’ 2024

Tahoe Dreamin’ 2024 is thrilled to announce the addition of Salesforce Well-Architected Hands-On Workshops!

For the first time ever at Tahoe Dreamin’, attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to deep dive into the Salesforce Well-Architected framework. This industry-standard approach empowers you to design and build Salesforce solutions that are:

  • Reliable: Streamline operations, minimize errors, and ensure your system functions flawlessly.
  • Efficient: Deliver value faster and maximize your Salesforce investment.
  • Scalable: Build solutions that effortlessly adapt and grow alongside your business.

Imagine the Tahoe Dreamin’ Ambiance, Amplified:

Recall the energy and engagement of the Well-Architected setups at Dreamforce and TDX. Now, envision that same experience within a spacious, dedicated environment at Tahoe Dreamin’. Our hands-on workshops will provide an intimate setting for you to learn directly from Salesforce Well-Architected experts.

Over the course of 1 1/2 action-packed days, participate in approximately 8 workshops, including:

  • Architect a Reliable Salesforce Solution
  • Architect an Automated Salesforce Solution
  • Architect a Composable Salesforce Solution
  • Architect a Secure Salesforce Solution
  • Architect an Engaging Salesforce Solution
  • Architect a Compliant Salesforce Solution
  • (Additional workshops may be offered)

Gain Invaluable Insider Knowledge:

These workshops go beyond theory. You’ll acquire the practical skills to navigate common pitfalls that can hinder performance, security, and future growth. Think of it as insider knowledge, empowering you to build future-proof Salesforce systems that unlock your business potential.

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your Salesforce expertise at Tahoe Dreamin’ 2024!

Please note: The workshop schedule is subject to change. Stay tuned for further announcements!

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