2024 Workshops

Tahoe Dreamin’ 2024 will have workshops on different products and features. These are in a dedicated room, where up to 12 people will get expert assistance and learn about the subject matter of the workshop.

Start on July 12, all attendees of Tahoe Dreamin’ can sign-up for these workshops. Each workshop is limited to 12 people. Make sure you register before July 12 so you can take part of any of these workshops.

  • Scrubbing your Salesforce data with DataGroomr
    • You don’t have to be a data scientist to clean up your data! Attendees will use a trial version of DataGroomr to analyze their Salesforce data for duplicates in leads, contacts and accounts using AI. We will identify data quality issues in your database and work on a plan to remediate them. No configuration or installation is required!
  • Enhancing Nonprofit Data Quality in Salesforce: Practical Strategies for Success
    • Data quality is crucial for nonprofits, as poor data can erode user trust and undermine data-driven decision-making. In this 20-minute workshop, we will explore practical strategies to ensure your Salesforce data is accurate, reliable, and actionable. We’ll discuss the impact of data quality on nonprofit operations and provide hands-on techniques to monitor and maintain data standards. Learn how to set up a zeros dashboard, implement a robust data governance process, and use tools like validation rules and on-screen help boxes to enhance data input accuracy. By the end of this session, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to improve data quality, thereby restoring trust and enabling better decision-making for your organization.
  • Why do 95% of Technical Projects still fail?
    • Learn the reasons why technical projects fail, which ones are lurking in your Salesforce projects, and how you can leverage intangible skills and influence to make sure your project succeeds.
      • Each attendee will takeaway specific and proven insights from 20+ years and 1000+ projects to improve the success of current and future projects.
      • Each attendee will receive a promo code for a future cohort at People First Method.
  • Become a Document Automation Master: A Workshop for Lovers of Efficiency
    • Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the Salesforce world, this
      session will equip you with the skills to streamline and automate your
      businesses’ document processes. Join and you will learn how to:
      • Generate custom agreements, contracts, reports, and web forms and
           launch automated document workflows directly in Salesforce—without ever
           writing a single line of code.
      • Create sales quotes and automatically pre-fill them with relevant
           Salesforce data to create professional-looking and accurate quotes in just
           a few clicks.
      • Eliminate manual data entry by automatically collecting and
           transferring data from HR document workflows, like recruiting and
           onboarding, to Salesforce and other systems of record.
      • Seamlessly migrate data from your HR document workflows to and from
           Salesforce, and securely store documents in Salesforce and other apps of
           your choice.
      • And more!
    • Expect to leave the session empowered to use airSlate’s no-code document
      tools to automate all your Document-centric processes regardless of
      complexity, uncover real-world use cases you can apply to your business,
      and inspiration on how your team can increase their efficiency gains.
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