If you have read our Tahoe Dreamin’ for Admins page, you will find that Tahoe Dreamin’ for Developers is quite similar.

In the current Salesforce landscape, Salesforce developers take on various roles. Most developers engage in declarative Salesforce functions such as Flow. Almost every developer has an architect role, or at least they need to think that way. With Lightning Web Component development, all developers need to think like designers. Many developers gather requirements and also act as business analysts. And of course, developers write code.

Attending Tahoe Dreamin’ can be a great opportunity for Salesforce developers who are looking to enhance their skills, keep up with the latest industry trends, and adopt Well-Architected methodologies into their development work. The conference offers valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities with fellow developers and experts in the field. So, if you’re a Salesforce developer who wants to take your career to the next level, Tahoe Dreamin’ can be the perfect platform for you to achieve your goals.

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