Tahoe Dreamin' for Developers

If you read our Tahoe Dreamin’ for Admins page, Tahoe Dreamin’ for Developers is very similar.  

In the current Salesforce landscape, a Salesforce developer does many roles.  Most developers also do Flow and other Salesforce declarative functions. Almost every developer is an architect is one way or another, or at least they need to think that way.  With Lightning Web Component development, all those developers need to think as a designer.  A lot developers gather requirements and are business analysts in a way. And, of course, developers simply code.

At Tahoe Dreamin’ we do not have a track just for Salesforce Developers. The reasons are because of the above. We will have some purely developer sessions.  A lot of our architect and designer sessions will also be developer related.

So even if you do not see a developer specific track at Tahoe Dreamin’ know that many of the sessions will be great for all Salesforce Developers.

You can join us in our Slack