Tahoe Dreamin' for Salesforce Partners

Those that lead/run Salesforce partner companies are usually left out of Salesforce Community Conferences at the session level.  All those great sessions on how to create a great Flow, how to design a good looking Lightning page and things like that are great for the consultants and developers within the partners organization but not for those running and growing the business.

2022 Tahoe Dreamin’ is adding a Salesforce Partner track and trying to give those growing or starting their Salesforce partnership a chance to learn and network, as well.  Keep an eye on our session announcements to see what are are adding. As of this writing we have already announced this amazing session for those Salesforce consulting partners – A Look Behind the Curtain: Partner Success Q&A.  Our sessions will be about how to marketing your business, how to work with Salesforce and stand out with them and more.

Additionally, one of the best things about the Salesforce Community Conferences is the networking, plain and simple.  As a Salesforce partner the networking at these conferences can open many doors, and we have had successful partnerships between business happen right at the conference.  And what better place than beautiful Lake Tahoe to network and discuss partnerships/agreements? 

Another great benefit to partners is the networking with the amazing Trailblazers attending.  If you are looking for the best talent you will find that at Tahoe Dreamin’ and the other Salesforce Community Conferences.  Recruiters are expensive.  Attending and talking with Trailblazers in a smaller venue is a lower cost and sometimes works out better.

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