Future of Tahoe Dreamin’

The idea of Tahoe Dreamin’ came in 2015 during a Sacramento Salesforce User Group.  Other regions of the United States were doing Dreamin’ events; Midwest Dreamin’, Forcelandia, and Snowforce to name just a few.  I loved what these events were doing. I brought up to the user group on if we should do something locally like the other areas. With some discussion it was decided we should and that Lake Tahoe area was a great place to do it; beautiful destination, outdoor activities after the event (like Snowforce), and close enough to Sacramento and the Bay Area. So off I went to make it happen.

The best place I found to do a Dreamin’ event was Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, as they had a great setup for sponsors and sessions. So Jan. 2016 was set for the inaugural Tahoe Dreamin’.   Jan. 2016 came and I was told the event was great (I am my biggest critic, so I leave it up to others to say).  Unfortunately we came up a big short on our goals but we pulled through to make sure financially  the event worked.  After the inaugural event we were set in stone to do Tahoe Dreamin’ 2017 and 2018.  And we charged forward.

Tahoe Dreamin’ 2017 was a great event but almost did not happen.  The Tahoe region had their biggest storm in over 20 years in 2017, right around the event. It was not an easy trek to get to Tahoe in Jan. for it but over 200 did!  Unfortunately many had to cancel because of the weather. I am forever thankful to everyone that did battle through and make to the event. In all transparency and honesty..it was an incredibly stressful time leading up to the event as I was afraid I would have to cancel it last minute. Once the event happened it was awesome; but leading up to it was stressful.  And then I fell of the stage during the keynote but that is a whole different story we can tell over drinks at Dreamforce.