Tahoe Dreamin’ Suggested Sessions 2024

Suggested Sessions from Trailblazers

Read what other Salesforce Trailblazers are looking forward to the most at Tahoe Dreamin’ 2024. These Salesforce Trailblazers give their top 3 sessions, workshops and/or keynotes they are looking forward to. You can see all the sessions here.

Dennis Gatmaitan

I can’t wait to get hand-on experience with the new architect workshops and learn more about Data cloud with “A first look at Data Cloud” and the “Architects guide to Data Modeling” sessions! I’m especially looking forward to seeing the future of AI and Salesforce by attending the TrAIblazer keynote.

Janet Elliott

  1. Well-Architected Workshops – these interactive workshops allow you to consider scenarios and solutions and work with a group to apply Well-Architected principles. Any level can benefit from the discussion – throw out your ideas (you know more than you think you do!) and also see how other people approach the scenario. Then get an overview of the suggested solutions from the Well-Architected leader. These sessions will help you remedy your imposter syndrome and learn so much about the application of Well-Architected best practices.
  2. A First Look at Data Cloud and Architect’s Guide to Data Modeling in Data Cloud – I’m all in on learning about Data Cloud and I’m excited to get the perspectives of community members that have practical experience around it.
  3. Integrate Website Submissions Into Salesforce: A Palisades Tahoe Success Story – as an “almost” local, a skier and someone who has spent a lot of time in Tahoe, I’m super interested to see how a Salesforce was successfully implemented for a local ski resort.

Audrey Child

  • Moving From Admin to Strategic Advisor
    • Meagan’s transformation story from a behind-the-scenes admin to a strategic advisor truly intrigues me. I am always eager to learn how to better communicate with my target audience. I am excited to hear key strategies on identifying and aligning with executive goals, mastering storytelling to make my work more compelling, and creating presentations that capture executive attention. I mean, who doesn’t want to discover creative ways to showcase their accomplishments?

      I’ll see you at 4 PM on July 25th, Meagan! 😊
  • Integrate Website Submissions into Salesforce: A Palisades Tahoe Success
    • As a Salesforce Admin who is currently going through a similar process of updating our Salesforce integrated website forms, I might hit the pause button on that project until I’ve heard everything Evan Ponter has to say.
      Evan’s success story using Salesforce functionality to craft Palisade’s solution while saving time and money, is exactly what I need to bring back to the team. It also helps that I used to live in Tahoe and love to snowboard so the connection to a place I’m passionate about makes this session even more compelling.

      Wouldn’t dream of missing this session at 11AM on July 25th.
  • What to do when they cut your project timeline from this 👌🙂😅 to this 😭😤🫠
    • As a Salesforce Admin, I’m no stranger to the panic of a suddenly shortened project timeline. That’s why I’m thrilled to attend Jade Keenan’s session. Jade’s session promises to transform that heart-stopping dread into confidence with battle-tested techniques for navigating high-pressure scenarios. Jade’s interactive session is all about practical survival strategies. From rapidly re-scoping deliverables without sacrificing quality to managing stakeholder expectations and prioritizing when everything is “priority number one,” these insights are exactly what I need. Plus, learning how to optimize team productivity and keep morale high under intense pressure is going to be a game-changer.

      Who else is getting their frustration free toolkit with me on July 26th at 10:30AM?

Mia Whitfield

  1. Well Architected hands-on workshops
    • This is a fabulous opportunity to get insider tips from the awesome Trailblazer Architect community. With a range of Well-Architected topics, you can’t go wrong.
  2. Architect’s Guide to Data Modeling in Data Cloud
    • Data Cloud is foundational and important for every Salesforce Architect to be familiar with. In addition to what’s sure to be an awesome session with Melissa Shepard, check out the Data Matters trailblazer group.
  3. TrAIblazer Keynote
    • AI is evolving quickly, so I take every opportunity to stay on top of the latest. Praveen Khurana is the VP of Trailhead Learning Technology and Operations at Salesforce, and I’m sure will have interesting things to share.

Jade Keenan

Integrate Website Submissions Into Salesforce: A Palisades Tahoe Success Story

I’m really looking forward to the session on “Integrate Website Submissions Into Salesforce: A Palisades Tahoe Success Story.” Alterra Mountain Company needed a better way to handle all the inquiries coming in from their various destinations, including Palisades Tahoe, which is just minutes from this conference. They used Screen Flows, Lighting Out functionality, and some CSS styling to integrate their website forms with Salesforce.

This session will break down how they tackled this problem, showing us how they used Salesforce tools to save time and money across the company. We’ll get to see a live demo using Palisades Tahoe as an example and hear about future plans for the system.

It’s exciting because it’s a real-world example of making life easier with technology. Plus, I’m hoping to pick up tips on scaling such solutions for other big organizations. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good success story? It’s like hearing about a winning sports team but with less sweat and more code.


I’m really looking forward to the session “But I Don’t Want to Be a Developer! (Why Admins Should Learn Dev Fundamentals).” The speaker, a graduate of RAD Women Code, discovered through their training that they didn’t want to become a developer. Despite this, they found the experience to be incredibly valuable and continue to use the concepts they learned every week to become a stronger Salesforce professional.

In this session, we’ll dive into four key developer fundamentals that can be applied daily in the role of a Salesforce Admin. This is exciting because it’s about empowering admins with knowledge that enhances their capabilities without needing to switch career paths. Understanding these fundamentals can make troubleshooting easier, improve efficiency, and help in communicating more effectively with development teams.

It’s like learning to cook without becoming a chef – you don’t need to run a restaurant to make a great meal at home. Plus, I’m hoping to gain practical tips that can be applied immediately, making everyday tasks smoother and more efficient.

The Salesforce Professional’s Guide to Becoming an Accessibility Advocate

I’m really looking forward to the session “The Salesforce Professional’s Guide to Becoming an Accessibility Advocate.” This session will cover the current state of digital accessibility within the Salesforce ecosystem and how we, as Salesforce professionals, can champion accessibility in our organizations. Craig Warren, an Associate Salesforce Administrator at Ability Central, will share his personal experiences as a Salesforce user with disabilities, while Matt Sai, a Senior Consultant at Ability Central, will discuss working with colleagues and clients with disabilities.

This session will be packed with practical advice and examples, including:

  • Accessibility features in Salesforce for users who are blind or visually impaired, such as semantic HTML and alt text.
  • Best practices for creating accessible Record Pages, List Views, custom development, and more.
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when designing accessible Reports and Dashboards, using SLDS (Salesforce Lightning Design System) guidelines.
  • Writing effective field labels and error messages to enhance accessibility and user experience.
  • Tackling accessibility challenges in documentation, including process mapping diagrams, training materials, and slide decks, with examples of accessible documentation.
  • We’ll also learn how to demo Salesforce tools and features to users with disabilities and set them up for success. 

This session is particularly exciting because it’s not just about compliance; it’s about creating an inclusive environment that benefits everyone.

Susan Thayer

Project Management for Salesforce projects

Project Success Through Useful User Stories

Architect’s Guide to Data Modeling in Data Cloud

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