What to do when they cut your project timeline from this πŸ‘ŒπŸ™‚πŸ˜… to this 😭😀🫠

Surviving and Thriving When Project Timelines Get Dramatically Squeezed

Few scenarios strike dread into the hearts of project managers more than learning a project’s timeline has suddenly been shortened. What was once a comfortable schedule gets ratcheted down to an anxiety-inducing race against the clock.

In this highly interactive session, Jade will outline battle-tested techniques to steer your project to success even when the timeline shifts from reasonable to ridiculous. Using examples from the trenches, she will cover critical survival strategies such as:

Rapidly re-scoping project deliverables without sacrificing quality
Managing stakeholder expectations during timeline shifts
Prioritization approaches when everything is suddenly “priority number one”
Optimizing team productivity and focus under pressure
Managing morale when ramping up intensity and pace
You’ll walk away armed with a toolkit to avoid frustration, lead under fire, and deliver amazing results regardless of unrealistic timelines. It IS possible to thrive under shortened timeframes – attend this session to discover proven ways to emerge victorious!

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