Document Automation has arrived: How to level up your document workflows in Salesforce

Are your teams tired of focusing on time-consuming, tedious, administrative tasks? Do they want to start focusing on things that matter?  

In this session, we’ll discuss how smart companies are utilizing no-code tools to overcome the traditional barriers to automation. We’ll showcase how you can manage every aspect of your document processes—from generating contracts to customer and employee onboarding, and more—while airSlate’s native Salesforce integration does the heavy lifting. Plus, you’ll learn from real-world integration success stories and use cases to apply to your business.

Whether you are a Salesforce user looking to optimize your processes, or a Salesforce partner seeking to bring a low-cost, game-changing technology to your customers, you’ll walk away with a greater understanding of what’s possible in your Salesforce document workflows. 

Session TD24


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