Product Management for Trailblazers: How to consistently create business value in Salesforce

Admins (and developers…and architects….and business analysts…) are the new Product Managers. They are mini-CEOs of their Salesforce org, own user experience, and are responsible for maintaining a tool that continually fosters company strategy. On top of that, being the gatekeepers to their Salesforce org, Admins get requests from all over the place on how users and business stakeholders think the org can function better for the company. The catch? Admins have never been taught the fundamentals of how to block out the noise and build a Salesforce org that creates tangible business results (AKA the build your C-suite really cares about); in other words, they’ve never been taught how to be product managers!

Join this session and learn how to stop being an order taker and start the first step on your journey as a strategic resource for your company with product management.

Admins Architects Business Analysts Developers


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