In the Salesforce Ecosystem, design skills are a crucial ingredient across all Salesforce roles. Independent research by Slash Data, Burning Glass, and Halibut Flats R&D states growing demand for those working on and with Salesforce technologies to harness design skills in their roles to deliver best-in-class customer experiences. Design is both a career and a skill that is cross-cutting across all roles. At Tahoe Dreamin’ we want all roles to think like a designer, look through the technology, and embrace a human-centered design mindset.

That is why we are excited to host the first-ever Salesforce User Experience Architect panel opening keynote. At the intersection of business, technology, and digital design, our tenured panelists have experienced firsthand the challenges and rewards of leading design efforts across Salesforce’s rapidly growing product clouds.

In the quickly expanding Salesforce ecosystem of technology, opportunities, and challenges, now more than ever, it’s the responsibility of all roles, regardless of affiliation, to embrace a design-minded approach. One that will ensure the solutions you are designing and building are scalable, inclusive, and sustainable. But not stopping there. Your experiences must drive social and business value by building strong relationships with users, organizations, and communities.

When we say “Salesforce Design(er),” we’re referring to anyone who aspires to design human-centered experiences on the Salesforce Platform. We are also referring to anyone who practices design whether they know it or not. Maybe you’re a Salesforce Consultant, Admin, Developer, or Architect looking to advance your career and add design skills to your portfolio. Or maybe you’re a partner looking to build a design team. Or perhaps you’re an experienced designer interested in adding Salesforce skills to your toolkit. Tahoe Dreamin’ has you covered. 

And lastly..Enjoy the location.  Tahoe Dreamin’ is held in Lake Tahoe, a beautiful location with plenty of outdoor activities and natural beauty to enjoy. This provides designers with a chance to relax and recharge while also attending the conference.

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